Sylvanian Families

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 Sylvanian Families - Baby Castle Nursery Contact Us for Stock Check

Sylvanian Families - Baby Castle Nursery

The castle shape has candy floss pink turrets and lots of hiding areas, perfect for hide and seek...

 Sylvanian Families - Classic Furniture Set Contact Us for Stock Check

Sylvanian Families - Classic Furniture Set

Turn the cosy cottage from a house to a home with this homely furniture set. Complete with an apron..


Sylvanian Families - Country Tree School

The Country tree school is such a fun school. Whilst there is a classroom which comes furnished fo..


Sylvanian Families - Maple Cat Family

Theodore Maple enjoys going on trips and sharing his adventures with the other Sylvanians. He keep..


Sylvanian Families - Monkey Family Set

Geoff is a famous botanist and spends his days in the forest. He likes discovering new plants and ..


Sylvanian Families - Sunshine Nursery Bus

Sunshine nursery bus is a double-decker nursery school bus that seats up to 12 babies. It can be p..


Sylvanian Families - Toilet Set

This little Toilet Set contains a cute little toilet, partition with sink unit, a toilet mat, a st..


Sylvanian Families - Wooly Alpaca Family

Father Andre woolly is a keen knitter and loves nothing better than to pore over elegant-coloured ..


Sylvanian Families - Yellow Labrador Family

Barker loves to play games. He gets even more absorbed in playing catch or tag than the children. ..


Sylvanian Families 4869 Garden Barbecue Set

It feels like the sun is always shining in the idyllic Sylvanian village, and Sylvanians often inv..


Sylvanian Families 5451 Lakeside Lodge Log Cabin

Lakeside Lodge is home to adventurous fun for all the Sylvanian families Cook at the wood-burning ..