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knex 10 piece model set

10 Building IdeasCreate anything from a rocket ship to a lizard and so much more!126 classic K'NEX p..


knex 3 in 1 amusement park set

A classic K'Nex building set - the motorised Ferris wheel includes 3-builds-in-1744 classic K'Nex pa..


knex 35 piece model building set

Great 35 piece Knex building setInc over 440 micro & classic rods & connectorsBuild anything..


knex 50 piece building set

K'NEX Creation Zone 50 Model Building SetK'NEX Imagine Creation ZoneThis Set is a Great Starter KitO..


knex clockwork roller coaster

Motorised hour hand inspired coaster car liftOver 300 K'Nex partsOver 13 feet of trackRequires 2x AA..


knex cobra coil building set

Get ready for slithering fun with the Cobra's Coil Roller Coaster Building Set from K'Nex201 K'Nex p..


knex kid blinkin buddies building set

Build NEW colourful Kid K'NEX buddies with blinking eyes!Includes 23 parts and pieces and 5 fun buil..


knex kid budding builders 100 piece set

Any creation is possible with the NEW K'NEX Budding Builders Tub!Includes 100 colourful parts and pi..


knex kid ocean pals

Build your favourite pals from under the sea!20 amazing building ideas65 colorful parts and piecesBu..


knex kid stretchin friends building set

Build NEW colourful Kid K'NEX buddies with stretching necks or tails!Includes 23 parts and pieces an..


knex kid zoomin rides building set

Build cars that cruise and planes that fly!20 amazing building ideas65 colourful parts and piecesBui..


knex land rocket

Includes 275 parts to build a sleek vehicle designed to go faster than a speeding rocket.Ergonomic b..


knex mecha strike roller coaster

Includes over 575 K'NEX parts and piecesMotorized chain liftCoaster stands over 2 feet highSnake mec..


knex vehicle assortment

Build a cool K'NEX Motorcycle and other vehicles with this assortment 61 K'NEX parts including ..