Club Petz

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bam bam hamster

Meet Bam Bam the bonkers bouncing Hamster! Give him a squeeze and he will start shaking and bouncing..


Bianca the cat

Bianca is a sweet, soft and charming Kitty who adores playing with you and her ball! she behaves lik..


blu blu baby dolphin

Blu Blu the baby dolphin is a large interactive plush dolphin that needs you to take care of him. He..


charlie funny talking parrot

Charlie Talkie the Parrot is cheekiest of all the Club Petz! He'll have you and all your friends rol..


funny monkey

Funny Monkeys are the latest arrival from IMC toys that will have your whole family laughing their s..


lola the dog

Lola responds to 5 commands.Lucy & Lola respond to an additional 5 commands together.Lola walks,..


Lucy sing and dance

Lucy responds to 20 different voice commands and you can play via the Lucy free APP.Lucy now SINGS a..


yoyo panda

Meet Yoyo Panda, your new cuddly interactive friend! With sensor technology Yoyo will call for you w..